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Teddy Bear Parade, Gresham, ORYellow Lab

Pitbull Terrier
Pitbull Terrier
Great Dane Agility



VVC's fundraiser to furnish all 10 Gresham Fire Engines with oxygen masks specifically designed for dogs & cats.

'Tana', Lauren, Lynette, and 'Thunder' presenting Gresham Fire with masks.

Mask in full use soon after placing them on the engines.


Other Community Events

Coastal Farm & Ranch

Coastal Farm and Ranch Halloween Costume contest
October 2007.

Coastal Farm & Ranch

Tana's First Place Costume in the Coastal Farm and Ranch contest -- October 2007

Dove Lewis

Dove Lewis Blood Donor Program

GSDCO Conformation Match

GSDCO Conformation Match

Dog Show

National Dog Show, Washington County Fairgrounds